How to delete domain ?
Posted by Administrator Support on 26 June 2015 01:52 AM

When you delete a domain from Plesk, all data related to the corresponding site are deleted from the server. The first domain name (default domain) that was created for your account cannot be deleted; however, it can be renamed.


To remove a domain:

If you have access to several subscriptions, select the required subscription in the Subscription box at the top of the screen. Or, to view sites of all your subscriptions, select All subscriptions.

Go to the Websites & Domains tab and click the name of the domain or subdomain you want to remove.

Click Remove Website or Remove Subdomain.

Confirm removal and click OK.



Note: Removing domain names from the Control Panel does not cancel the registration of these names. If you registered these domain names, you can still use them for your websites.

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